Monday, September 15, 2008

With my brain still on vacation

I'm having a hard time getting back into this. I was gone two weeks but it feels longer. It was a whirlwind of a trip with stops in Puerto Rico, New York, and Connecticut, and I'm still savoring and reliving all the fun moments. Here are some of the highlights:

First stop, San Juan, home.

Sleeping in the same room I used to sleep in when I was six.

Eating dinner with my family at a restaurant shaped like a shell.

Meeting up with my some of my oldest, bestest friends for drinks.

An impromptu road trip to an ice cream shop that makes plantain, avocado, corn, sea grape, guava and rice pudding ice creams.

Looking out my mom's bedroom window.

Stopping for delicious, greasy alcapurrias on the way home from the beach.

Eating a favorite high school breakfast of mallorcas, cafe con leche, and fresh-squeezed orange juice at La Bombonera.

Staring at Puerto Rico's Maxfield Parrish skies.

New York, a couple of days spent with my dearest friend, Kathy.

Running into an old art school friend shortly after saying, "I wonder if we'll run into anyone tonight. If we do I hope it's someone interesting."

Walking to catch a cab, later that night, and coming across what has to be the world's longest cart.

Licking my Prosecco inflicted wounds the next day, at the Oyster Bar, while Kate Bush played over the speakers.

Taking my little sister to college, in Connecticut, with my dad.

Helping set up her room.

Buying Japanese pastries, later that day.
Then having a martini with my dad at the Rainbow Room and seeing one of the prettiest sunsets I have ever seen.
Sadly, I did not have my camera with me.